Does your organisation struggle to remain competitive?
Or is the next challenge to keep your competitive edge?
Making training count is the way to influence the future success of your organisation and we have the tools and expertise to do this.
ONA = Organisation Needs Analysis (toolkit)
TNA = Training Needs Analysis (toolkit)
With our toolkits you can take an objective look at your business and find out if you are making the most of your people. Skills Brokers can provide you with the tools to perform your own analysis and support you from a distance, alternatively we can carry out a full analysis. If you would like further information regarding the toolkits please call us on 01623 798045.

Employees who, without the right training and development, can be an enormous liability, but if trained effectively, can become the company's biggest asset.

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Our PRIORITY will be to help you to match all training directly to the needs of your organisation and the people in it. We will ensure your investment will achieve the desired results.

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TREAT TRAINING SERIOUSLY - as an important investment, as important as an investment in machinery, new technology or premises. Working out the benefits to be gained in comparison to costs is just as important before deciding on investment. An effective training needs analysis will contribute to this by identifying training issues and priorities in a systematic way, not on an ad hoc basis. By examining individual as well as overall aspects of the organisation, effective decisions can be made.

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We will work with you to:

Analyse your business and training needs

Select the right training strategy for your business

Develop training plans to meet your identified needs

Help you to gather and process information about training and development issues within your company

Give you guidance about the process of TNA and show you how to transform information into training strategies and plans

Help you to establish if people are achieving known standards of performance or help you to set standards that do not already exist or might not be clear to everyone

As an organisation we are committed to Investors in People. Members of the Federation for Small Businesses.