Building Effective Local/Regional/National/International Partnerships
Skills Brokers work in partnership with companies who deliver high quality training, consultancy and business support to help employers.

Skillsbrokers have linked businesses to businesses locally to reduce costs of training, to share resources including staff and equipment and to support bids for funding it's so much easier than going it alone.
We provide a swift response to business requirements and work in close partnership with individual companies.

We realise that when you are faced with tight timetables and firm guidelines it is difficult to think through the complexities of working in partnership. There is a strong temptation to go for a quick fix and hope to sort things out later. We already map local organisations; understand local priorities and skills; build confidence through early project work and create partnership structures that work.

We continually seek to gain the commitment of new partners whose support, skills and funds may be needed to support our existing partners.


Business Support Agencies
Private Training Providers
Voluntary Organisations
Government bodies
Trade Unions
Job Center Plus
Community Organisations
Multi-Cultural Groups

These partnerships contribute to better co-ordination of training and support services

As an organisation we are committed to Investors in People. Members of the Federation for Small Businesses.