Training Professional
Would you like your own Training Manager but can't afford one?

You can have a personal Training Professional for your company without the usual salary costs in fact we can save you time and money!

We can help you to access funding and support to help your training and business needs.

How many companies telephone you regarding training programmes?
You can direct all these calls and correspondence to your personal Training Professional who will filter and select those worth consideration for improving your business.

How many companies send you information to read regarding training?
Your personal Training Professional will liaise with appropriate companies on your behalf and negotiate quality, price, content, time and place of delivery, on your behalf.

How much time do you spend trying to find the right training when you need it?
Your personal Training Professional will also investigate initiatives to enhance your investment in business growth through training.
Nobody’s denying that training can take time and money. But it’s been proved time and again that training your staff increases your productivity, reduces mistakes and wastage, helps combat high staff turnover and attracts new staff.
Adopting the most appropriate learning and development practices will ensure your employees develop with your organisation and improve its performance.

Skillsbrokers Ltd are at the forefront of workplace learning and will provide fresh perspectives on the challenges faced by employers in workforce development.

Do you know how to access training and business support?



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