Case Studies
"We will get the results you need".

Employers are reporting the following benefits from investing in training:

Reduced down time

Increased levels of staff motivation

Reduced wastage

Help with identification of local initiatives extends the training budget

Reduced staff turnover


The following case studies are showing the overall benefits, to companies, as a result of their investment in training.
A regional food manufacturer has been quick to encourage staff to take part in numeracy and literacy training as part of their role and on-the-job training. This includes both face to face training and utilising PCs to develop basic IT skills among staff.

The company has also introduced a Progressive Training system that focuses on the key skills and knowledge of operatives in productivity and quality. The success of this programme is largely attributed to tackling the basic skills needs which has encouraged staff to move on to more advanced training such as NVQs.

As a company we have gained numerous benefits from the training programme and developing basic skills training amongst our workforce. The success to date of the Basic Skills programme has been embedded in the high volume of participation amongst the work force, linked to the other production related training. Many staff that have participated in the Basic Skill programme have gone on to do further courses eg ECDL, GCSE maths etc

Additional benefits are also accruing from reduced down time and wastage as a result of a better trained workforce. Specific benefits included reduced down time in change over practices from, in one case, an hour to 16 minutes - saving some £40k per annum.

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The introduction of excellent sales training modules increased the performance of our sales team as they gained confidence in their approach. We sell our tours by telephone and targeted mailshots. Skills Brokers has been crucial in sourcing the right training for us to fine tune our sales and marketing plans, resulting in a sharper and more focused sales and marketing strategy.

'The key issues for the company related to poor conversion rates relative to the high level of sales activity and the inexperience of the team. 'The sales training focused on identifying who we wanted to speak to, what the company is selling, qualifying prospects and closing techniques.

'This training has dramatically changed how selling is approached within the organisation, and the sales conversion rates have significantly improved. Regular on-going training is now being provided to ensure the continual implementation of the new techniques, to re-iterate the sales messages and selling techniques and to focus on targets.

'I am delighted with the way our relationship has developed, but most particularly by the results which are being achieved. The changes which have taken place within this organisation are far reaching and the consequences are so positive.'


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